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Howie Morenz
Howie Morenz 1924-25
Montreal Canadiens
photo and autograph.
From the Ron Jamieson
Howie Morenz was born on June 21, 1902 in Mitchell, Ontario. In 1923 Howie joined the Montreal Canadiens and helped his team win the Stanley Cup. Howie played in the NHL from 1923-37. Twelve of his fourteen seasons were with the Montreal Canadiens. In the 1929-30 season, Howie scored forty goals in forty-four games with the Canadiens.
He scored 270 goals and added 197 assists in his NHL career. He led the Canadiens in scoring for seven consecutive seasons and won the Hart Trophy and Stanley Cup three times. Due to his speed and concentration Howie was called "The Mitchell Meteor" and "The Stratford Streak". On January 28, 1937 he received a body check from Earl Seibert along the boards. His skate blade caught in a crack in the boards and his leg twisted and snapped. Howie was well on his way to recovery when disaster stuck and he died of complications from his injury on March 8, 1937. In 1945 Howie was one of the first players to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.