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This photograph of Bobby Orr and Floyd Thomson is from the collection of Floyd's father, Fred 'White Pine' Thomson
of Capreol, Ontario, Canada
Floyd Thomson's mother and father were raised in the rural area east of Parry Sound and young Mr. Thomson spent each summer at his grandmother's farm in Dunchurch. He went on to a distinguished career in the game of hockey that took him from Falconbridge and Garson, Ontario, to Fort Wayne, and on to the St. Louis Blues where he played over 400 games.

His hard working style on the ice earned Mr. Thomson a long list of accolades, including: Central Hockey League all star selections, a CHL Iron Man Award, St. Louis Blues Player of the Month Award, and high honours from the Salt Lake Golden Eagles for an exceptional season in 1979 winning the teams top scorer award and most inspirational player trophy. Since retiring from the game in Salt Lake City, Mr. Thomson has now returned to the community of his roots, and lives near Parry Sound.